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Categories & Fees

Paraparaumu Beach offers a range of membership options to suit a range of different lifestyles. Payment can be made in either a lump sum form or spread out over instalments with plans for weekly, monthly or six monthly options available



2023/2024 Subscription Annual (single instalment) Six Monthly Instalments** Monthly Instalments* Weekly Instalments*
Full Playing $1750 $920.00 $153.00 $35.40
Nine Hole $895 $470.00 $78.30 $18.10
Affiliate*** $745 N/A N/A N/A
Under 35 Years $1155 $606.40 $101.10 $23.30
Under 30 Years $840 $441.00 $73.50 $17.00
Under 25 Years $580 $304.50 $50.75 $11.50
Under 19 Years $175 N/A N/A N/A
Non Playing $150 N/A N/A N/A
Summer**** $965      
Additional Facilities
Lockers (large $70, small $40), Tent Parks ($95), Cart Parks $250 Please note items stored in these areas are at the owners risk.  Trail fee of $150pa for all privately owned golf carts and motorised vehicles.
Payment Conditions and Notes
Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque, Eftpos and Credit Card. Please note that paying by credit card incurs an additional cost of 1.5%. The figures in the table above are exclusive of any additional facility charges. Instalment options above have had a 5% loading applied.  Junior Memberships are not pro rated.  For all other categories, pro rating only occurs up until May 1st. 

* All monthly and weekly instalment options are only available via direct debit and the accompanying contract must be completed and returned to the office. First instalment must be paid in advance. Please Note - If you wish to pay your subscription via instalment, you are obliged to pay all amounts in full regardless of any change in your personal circumstances.


** First instalment due September 2023 with the second instalment to be paid in full March 31, 2024.

*** Restrictions and conditions apply including exclusions from trophy events, 25 maximum total of games before additional charges, no use of the reciprocal access program and applicants must be a primary full playing member of another club that has the same or higher full playing subscription.


****  Sept 24 2023 - April 7, 2024.  Summer Subscriptions are pro-rated from Dec 16th until Feb 1.  Excludes access to reciprocal rights