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Junior Golf
Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club has a long, successful record of producing fine young golfers who have enjoyed success in the game itself or indeed in the golf industry. We strive to teach the young players the importance of tradition and etiquette, but most importantly we foster in them the love of the game.
We offer a regular program during the first and last terms of the school year for those aged 5-16.  Run by our PGA Professionals, the program includes tuition weekly with all equipment provided.  
We understand that not every child is ready for the game, and we know that parents are reluctant to invest in their child without them at least having tried the basics of the game. Paying by the term allows junior players to give the game a go, and if they enjoy themselves and wish to continue with the coaching then they may wish to look at a membership which incorporates the tuition.
For further information regarding all things Junior Golf, please call Glenn in the GolfShop on 902 8216